We, Nadine from Vienna, Masha from Kiew and Nena from Munich, are the NMN team. 
Years of friendship, our shared passion for design, art, fashion, traveling and urban life, have inspired us as creators, designers and founders to develop NMN, a new label on the market! www.nmn.at"
The “MojiMe”- collection consists of hand-made charms of Sterling Silver and enamel.  Each charm communicates messages by the use of symbols.
As the symbols are well-known internationally, they enable communication cross language barriers.
Each characterizes a situation based on relationships. All designs are unisex. Their simplicity transmits moods and emotions at just a glance.
The colorful charms of the „MojiMe“ collection are stylish personal gifts.
We guarantee, it won’t be easy to make your choice!